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Peace and Protective Orders.


Oftentimes, individuals involved in volatile relationships, or those dealing with issues evoking raw emotion, find themselves either filing for or being served with domestic violence orders. In Maryland, those individuals with close relationships, like spouses, former spouses, individuals with children in common, etc., are eligible for protective orders, while those individuals who are not eligible for protective orders may be eligible for peace orders.

Our attorneys represent individuals in both types of proceedings, whether you are seeking Court protection or are alleged to have committed an act of abuse against another. These domestic violence issues tend to arise quickly and furiously. It is crucial that you take these domestic violence issues seriously, as they have the potential to set the stage in larger divorce and custody matters.

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What to expect.

You will meet with one of our attorneys to provide information regarding your relationship with the other party, as well as to provide the details surrounding all allegations of domestic violence being made. We will expect you to be open and honest regarding the facts surrounding all alleged incidents of abuse, whether you are the petitioner or the respondent in the case, as we will need to most accurate information to obtain the best result for you.

Understand your options.

We will discuss your options with you, which will range from consenting to the requested order of protection to litigation of the matter. We will present to you all of the relevant information which will allow you to make decisions regarding how to proceed. And because of the impact domestic violence proceedings can have on underlying family law matters, we will discuss with you the potential effects each option may have on your desired long-term goals.

Identify issues and realities.

Allegations of abuse can be complicated, both legally and emotionally. Domestic violence matters involve a range of legal issues, both civil and criminal. We will identify the potential civil and criminal issues in your domestic violence issue and devise a plan for successfully dealing with those issues, which may include referrals to outside criminal defense firms.

Define outcomes and develop goals.

As attorneys experienced in these matters, we are intimately familiar with the collateral consequences allegations of abuse can bring forth. Domestic violence matters can affect a party's ability to provide a safe environment for his/her children, to maintain gainful employment, to provide financial support for his/her family, and to maintain close relationships with his/her loved ones. During our initial meeting, we will define your desired outcomes for the domestic violence matter and address the likely effects the matter will have on your long-term goals.

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