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Is mediation worth it?


Mediation is an alternative to litigation in which the parties work together with an impartial, trained third party to address disputes with the goal of reaching a compromise resolution.

Courts will resolve disputes when the parties themselves are unable to do so. While our attorneys are always prepared for litigation, we believe that an agreement reached by the parties will always be superior to terms and conditions imposed by a judge. After all, who is better equipped to decide the future of your children or a fair division of your assets?

If both parties are committed to reaching a fair result with minimal conflict, mediation is often a useful tool. As compared to litigation, mediation can be faster, less expensive and more responsive to the individual needs of the parties and their children. However, if there is a history of domestic violence or a "playing field" which is emotionally uneven, we may recommend to you that mediation may not be the best tool for advancing your goals.

Steve is a well-regarded family law attorney and mediator. I highly recommend his services.
— Colleague

What to expect.

If mediation is agreed to by both parties, we will prepare you to both avoid surprises and negotiate clearly and concisely. Often we will accompany you to the mediation to assure your goals are properly prioritized so as to avoid an impasse. Together, we will develop a plan as well as a backup plan to successfully complete the mediation. Mediation is either a face-to-face negotiation or the mediator will put the parties in separate rooms. This decision can be made ahead of time, the day of mediation, or if we think after consulting with you that separating will achieve a better result. Mr. Krohn has mediated in excess of 700 cases and his experience both as the mediator as well as representing clients in mediation will help move your situation forward towards a successful conclusion.

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