Regardless of whether you are the initiator or the recipient, divorce can be one of the most emotional and traumatic experiences in life. It is the end of what you once believed to be your future.

Whether you or your spouse is considering a divorce, it is imperative that you know your options. Arming yourself with knowledge of your legal rights in divorce is the first step in the direction of protecting yourself, your children and your interests.

When you consult with Stephen or Andrea, you will be heard. We recognize that telling your personal story to a stranger can be uncomfortable, but your story is important to us. We will listen carefully to provide you with an understanding of your rights and develop a plan for reaching your goals.

Stephen was the calm in the storm while I was going through my divorce. I spoke with a couple of attorneys before finding Stephen but I chose him because from the very beginning, he explained the process and the parameters of each issue.
— S.J.

What to expect.

When you consult with our attorneys regarding your divorce, you will be treated kindly and with respect. For those clients with a higher immediate level of comfort, we will listen as you tell us your story. For those who do not necessarily know where to begin, we will guide you through your story while we gather the information necessary to advise you of your legal rights and options.

Understand your options.

Our clients often tell us that going through a divorce is unsettling because they feel powerless over their lives. We believe it is paramount that you leave our office armed with the knowledge you need to restore your sense of control over your life and your future.

Identify issues and realities.

When you sit down with our attorneys, we will identify the legal issues requiring resolution and provide you with practical advice for resolving them in your favor. We believe that being honest and direct is crucial to the attorney-client relationship.

Define outcomes and develop goals.

We work closely with our clients to set realistic goals based upon our experience litigating family law matters before the judges of Anne Arundel and surrounding counties and the specific facts and circumstances of each individual case.

Related Services

If you are going through a separation or divorce or anticipate doing so in the near future, contact our office to set up a consultation. Our attorneys can help you to understand your rights and the rights of your spouse, do separation/divorce planning, negotiate and prepare written agreements and represent your interests in court.